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Gauge Glass,High Borosilicate Reflex Gauge Glass,High Borosilicate Transparent Gauge Glass

At Aohong Co., Ltd. , we offer a wide range of glass products designed to cater to diverse industrial and commercial needs. Our product catalog as follows:

High Borosilicate Reflex Gauge Glass: This specialized glass product is widely used to measure the liquid level inside pressure vessels and boilers. It ensures reliable and accurate readings even under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

High Borosilicate Transparent Gauge Glass: Similar to reflex gauge glass, transparent gauge glass is utilized to measure liquid levels. The high borosilicate composition guarantees excellent chemical resistance and durability.

Rectangular and round glass: Glass products that can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers to meet the strict tolerances and requirements of various industries, especially laboratory glassware applications.

Glass Tubes and Rods: Our glass tubes and rods are crafted with precision and are used in various applications, including scientific experiments and industrial processes.

Lab Glassware: We provide a comprehensive range of laboratory glassware, ensuring high-quality products for scientific and research purposes.

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