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Green Plain Gauge Glass Resulting in Green Glaze On Two Surfaces

Green plain gauge glass is a unique sight glass designed for applications such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, food, and medicine. Its key feature is the green glaze on both sides, tailored to enhance fluid level visibility and accuracy of readings within various containers or tanks.

Green Plain Gauge Glass
Green Plain Gauge Glass

Surface Treatment
The glass undergoes a special firing process, resulting in a green glaze on two surfaces. This treatment enhances the optical refraction principle such that, without liquid, one can clearly see the green color on the surface. Conversely, with fluid in the liquid level meter, the refractive index of the glass matches that of the liquid, and the green color does not reflect, allowing the viewer to see white instead.

Green Plain Gauge Glass is widely used in several industries like petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, food, and medicine sectors. It is especially vital in situations requiring precise monitoring and measuring of liquid levels within containers or tanks.

This type of gauge glass is customized to meet clients’ specific requirements in terms of size and other physical properties. The customization ensures that it perfectly fits into the intended applications, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

The major benefits of Green Plain Gauge Glass include high resistance to temperature and pressure changes, enhancing its suitability for demanding applications. Its unique green glaze enhances visibility and reading accuracy, improving overall operational efficiency.

Please note that the specific characteristics of the Green Plain Gauge Glass may vary based on the manufacturing process and materials used.

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