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Reflex Gauge Glass For Boiler-Made in Aluminosilicate and Borosilicate Glass

Reflex gauge glass, also named reflex sight glass, reflex level gauge glass, boiler glass and reflex level gauge.

Aohong Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern, high-tech enterprise with over two decades of experience in producing and selling reflex level gauge products. As a top-notch Reflex Gauge Glass manufacturer in China, Aohong guarantees the production of quality Reflex Gauge Glass tailored to your needs. We ensure a friendly and responsible service experience, both pre and post-cooperation. Customization is accepted.

Reflex gauge glass commonly known as sight glass or reflex sight glass, the Reflex Gauge Glass is a meticulously crafted product from Aohong Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Its manufacturing process involves fine grinding, polishing, and tempering to ensure that it achieves both robustness and transparency. This intricate process allows the Reflex Gauge Glass to resist the corrosive effects of the liquids found within boilers, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Reflex Gauge Glass For Boiler

Reflex Gauge Glass For Boiler

Reflex Water Level Gauge Glass

Reflex Water Level Gauge Glass

Boiler Level Gauge Glass

Boiler Level Gauge Glass

Borosilicate Reflex Glass

Borosilicate Reflex Glass

1, Materials

Borosilicate Glass and Aluminosilicate Glass
Our Reflex Gauge Glass is primarily produced using two types of glass materials: borosilicate glass and aluminosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is highly resistant to thermal shock, making it ideal for applications with rapid temperature fluctuations. It also offers excellent chemical resistance. Aluminosilicate glass, on the other hand, provides a superior surface quality and increased hardness, making it more resistant to scratching and wear. Each material has its unique properties, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the application.

2, Features

One distinguishing feature of the Reflex Gauge Glass is its grooves. These grooves serve to enhance the refraction and reflection of light, improving the visibility of liquid levels. The result is a clearer, more accurate reading for operators, enabling better control and monitoring of liquid levels in various industrial applications.

3. Surface Treatment

The surface of our Reflex Gauge Glass undergoes a thorough polishing process. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the glass but also improves its functional performance. Polishing eliminates any surface irregularities that might impact visibility or compromise the integrity of the glass. It also aids in resisting chemical interactions and abrasive wear, thus extending the lifespan of the product. This careful attention to detail ensures that our Reflex Gauge Glass provides the optimal balance between durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

4. Manufacturing Process

Our Reflex Gauge Glass is produced in accordance with DIN7081 standards. The thermal toughening process increases the tensile bending strength of the glass by at least a factor of two. This is an essential step that ensures the gauge glass’s safety and reliability, complying with the high safety demands stipulated by DIN 7081. It guarantees a product capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures while maintaining its integrity, making it a trustworthy choice for any industrial applications.

5. Applications

Our Reflex Gauge Glass finds wide-ranging applications across numerous sectors, delivering optimal solutions for the monitoring of liquid levels. Reflex Gauge Glass is a primary component of reflex level gauges, which are widely used to measure liquid levels in tanks and vessels.

1) Industrial Boiler Level Gauges: Due to its robustness and high resistance to extreme conditions, the Reflex Gauge Glass is commonly used in industrial boiler level gauges. It provides an accurate and clear indication of the water level, ensuring efficient boiler operation and safety.

2) Saturated Steam Applications: For applications involving up to 35 bar of saturated steam in boilers, Reflex Gauge Glass offers an optimal solution. It can withstand the high pressure and temperature conditions, delivering reliable performance and longevity.

3) Corrosion Resistance: With its high resistance to corrosion, Reflex Gauge Glass can be used in scenarios involving corrosive liquids. Its durability and clear indication make it ideal for such demanding environments.

4) Broad Media Compatibility: Apart from steam at service conditions, Reflex Gauge Glass is compatible with all other media. This makes it a versatile choice for different industries.

5) High Pressure and High-Temperature Applications: Reflex Gauge Glass can withstand pressures up to 400 bar and temperatures up to 400 °C, demonstrating its strength and durability. It remains reliable and offers clear visibility even under these extreme conditions.

6. Technical Information

1)Dimensions of Reflex Gauge Glass (mm)

The dimensions of the Reflex Gauge Glass can vary depending on the specific model and application requirements. Common dimensions could be:

Size Type A
Length Width Thickness
0 95 30 17
I 115 30 17
II 140 30 17
III 165 30 17
IV 190 30 17
V 220 30 17
VI 250 30 17
VII 280 30 17
VIII 320 30 17
IX 340 30 17
Size Type B
0 95 34 17
I 115 34 17
II 140 34 17
III 165 34 17
IV 190 34 17
V 220 34 17
VI 250 34 17
VII 280 34 17
  300 34 17
VIII 320 34 17
IX 340 34 17
X 370 34 17
XI 400 34 17
XII 420 34 17

Length: Ranges from 95mm to 340mm, 95mm-420mm
Width: Standard width is 30mm and 34mm
Thickness: Commonly 17mm
For specific dimensions that cater to your requirements, it is best to consult with our sales or technical team. They will guide you in selecting the right size of Reflex Gauge Glass for your application.

2)Lateral Surfaces:plain moulded or ground;
3)Width of sealing surface: 30-34mm;

4)Tensile bending strength
-Standard: ≥ 150 N/mm²
-High Pressure: ≥ 180 N/mm²

5)Compressive prestress
-Standard: ≥ 80 N/mm²
-High Pressure: ≥ 100 N/mm²

For the technical specifications of Aohong’s Reflex Gauge Glass, including dimensions, tolerances, and performance parameters, please refer to our detailed product datasheet or reach out to our customer support team. They can provide specific technical information tailored to your application’s requirements, ensuring you choose the most appropriate product variant for your needs.Customer logo or production date can be printed. According to customer needs, non-asbestos gasket or graphite gasket can be matched with the product.

7. Advantages of Reflex Gauge Glass

1) Acid and Alkali Resistance: The Reflex Gauge Glass demonstrates exceptional resistance to acids and alkalis, which makes it suitable for use in harsh chemical environments. This property helps in maintaining its clarity and functionality even when used with corrosive substances.

2) High Quality: The Reflex Gauge Glass is produced to meet high-quality standards, ensuring that the finished product has minimal tolerances. This level of precision enhances its accuracy and reliability in indicating liquid levels.

3) No Cracks or Bubbles: The rigorous manufacturing process ensures that the surface of the Reflex Gauge Glass is free from cracks or bubbles. Such imperfections can impact the glass’s strength and clarity, thereby affecting its performance. Our strict quality control measures eliminate such issues, providing a flawless product to our customers.

4) Superior Durability: Thanks to the use of premium materials and advanced processing techniques, the Reflex Gauge Glass exhibits superior durability. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive environments, making it a long-lasting solution for various applications.

5) Excellent Visibility: The unique design of Reflex Gauge Glass offers excellent visibility of the liquid levels, ensuring accurate readings. The clear and direct view eliminates potential errors in measurement, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of your operations.

8. Reflex Gauge Glass Installation

Installing Reflex Gauge Glass is a straightforward process that can be achieved with a few steps. However, it is crucial to remember that the process should always be carried out by a trained professional to ensure safety and proper installation.

Preparation: Make sure the area where the glass will be installed is clean and free from debris.

Placement: Carefully place the Reflex Gauge Glass in the designated slot on the level gauge. Ensure it fits snugly and securely.

Securing: Use the provided fasteners to secure the gauge glass. Tighten until secure but avoid over-tightening, which could lead to damage.

Checking: Once installed, check for any leaks or loose fittings. The system should be pressure tested to verify that the installation is secure.

Operation: Only once you’re sure everything is properly installed and secured, should the system be put into operation.

Always refer to the Aohong’s instructions when installing Reflex Gauge Glass, as the procedure might vary slightly depending on the specific model and application.

9. Packaging, Shipping, and Sales

Our Reflex Gauge Glass is packed and shipped with utmost care to ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition. Here is a general outline of our packaging and shipping process:

Each piece of Reflex Gauge Glass is individually wrapped in protective material to prevent scratches and other damages during transit. These individual pieces are then packed in sturdy, custom-designed boxes that provide additional protection.

For larger orders, these boxes are carefully loaded into wooden crates for further security. The wooden crates are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, ensuring that the products inside remain undamaged.

When loading into a 20 ft container for shipping, the crates are strategically arranged to maximize space utilization while ensuring the safety of the products. We use various protective materials like foam padding, inflatable airbags, or dunnage bags to fill up the empty spaces and prevent movement during transit. This reduces the risk of damage due to shifts or shocks while the container is on the move.

For sales, our Reflex Gauge Glass is available through various channels. Customers can place orders directly with us through our website. Our sales team is always available to assist you with your purchasing decisions, ensuring that you choose the right product for your needs. 

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