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Gauge Glass Gaskets -Gaskets For Tubular Gauge Glass

Gauge glass gaskets are essential components used to seal the interface between the gauge glass and the level gauge or sight glass assembly. These gaskets are critical to maintaining the system’s integrity by preventing leaks and ensuring the accurate measurement of fluid levels within a vessel or tank.

Graphite Gasket for Gauge Glass

Graphite Gasket

Graphite gaskets are made from pure, exfoliated graphite flake material. They offer excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions, with a wide range of temperature and pressure compatibility. Graphite is chemically resistant and resilient, making these gaskets suitable for applications involving corrosive fluids and high temperatures.

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Mica Gasket for Gauge Glass

Mica Gasket

Mica gaskets are made from mica, a silicate mineral known for its outstanding heat resistance and thermal stability. Mica gaskets can withstand very high temperatures, making them ideal for high-temperature applications. They also exhibit good chemical resistance

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Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Non-asbestos gaskets are made from a mixture of synthetic materials that replicate the sealing capabilities of asbestos without its associated health risks. These gaskets are durable, flexible, and resistant to heat, chemicals, and wear. They’re often used in applications involving water, steam, oils, and fuels.

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