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Non-Asbestos Gasket for Gauge Glass in Various Sizes

Low, Mid, High Pressured Asbestos Gasket, Oil resistant non-asbestos gasket.

Non-Asbestos Gasket for Gauge Glass is an ideal sealing solution engineered to meet contemporary safety and performance standards. Crafted from synthetic materials, these gaskets serve as an effective and safe alternative to traditional asbestos gaskets, offering excellent resistance to oil, heat, and pressure.

Non-Asbestos Gasket for Gauge Glass

Non-Asbestos Gasket for Gauge Glass

Non Asbestos Cushion Gasket for Gauge Glass Gasket

Surface Treatment
The surface treatment of our non-asbestos gaskets typically involves a coating to enhance oil and heat resistance. This treatment ensures optimum performance even in demanding industrial environments, adding durability and extending the gasket’s service life.

Non-asbestos gaskets are extensively used in various industrial applications where it’s essential to isolate the glass from the liquid in level gauges. Their excellent resistance to oil and heat makes them particularly suitable for use in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical facilities, and other sectors where high temperatures and pressure are commonplace.

We provide non-asbestos gaskets in an array of sizes to cater to different gauge glass assemblies. Moreover, we offer customization options based on the user’s size specifications, ensuring a tailored fit for each application.

The Non-Asbestos Gasket for Gauge Glass delivers several significant advantages. First and foremost, they provide a safer alternative to asbestos gaskets, eliminating associated health risks. These gaskets also exhibit excellent resistance to oil, heat, and pressure, making them durable and reliable under a wide range of conditions. The provision of customization ensures compatibility with various gauge glass sizes and applications. Furthermore, their superior sealing ability minimizes leakage and helps maintain accurate fluid level measurements, improving overall system efficiency.

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