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Tubular Sight Glass Material of Borosilicate or Glass Rods and Quartz Tube

Tubular Sight Glass (which is the material of glass rods& tube)also known as a sight tube or level gauge glass, is a type of industrial instrument that allows operators to visually monitor the level of liquid within a tank or vessel in real-time. Our glass tubes and rods are crafted with precision and are used in various applications, including scientific experiments and industrial processes.

Borosilicate 3.3 Sight Tubular Glass Tube

Borosilicate Glass Tube

The Borosilicate glass tube is an extremely versatile product manufactured from borosilicate glass, which includes boric oxide, silica, and alkali. These tubes display notable resistance

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Quartz Glass Tube

Quartz glass tubes are specialized tubes crafted from fused quartz or silica, the primary component of quartz. Renowned for their unique properties such as exceptional

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