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Quartz Glass Tube For High-Temperature Furnaces and Halogen Lamps

Quartz glass tubes are specialized tubes crafted from fused quartz or silica, the primary component of quartz. Renowned for their unique properties such as exceptional heat resistance, superior optical clarity, and remarkable chemical inertness, quartz glass tubes are indispensable in a myriad of applications that require these distinct characteristics.

Resistance High Temperature Quartz Glass Tube

Resistance High Temperature Quartz Glass Tube

Quartz Glass Tube Quartz Pipe

These tubes find wide-ranging applications across various industries. They are pivotal in high-temperature furnaces, semiconductor manufacturing processes, and lighting solutions such as UV lamps and halogen lamps. Additionally, their excellent properties make them suitable for use in various laboratory equipment.

The quartz glass tubes we offer come in diverse sizes to meet different needs: Outer Diameter (OD) ranges from 3 to 400mm, the wall thickness spans from 0.7 to 10.0mm, and they can reach a maximum length of 3000mm.

Quartz glass tubes hold a distinct advantage due to their high purity, excellent spectral transmission, and well-controlled dimensions. They also exhibit a low hydroxyl content, enhancing their overall quality and performance. With high resistance to thermal shocks and minimal expansion or contraction with temperature fluctuations, these tubes are exceptionally durable. Their high transparency to ultraviolet light, coupled with a lower refractive index than other types of glass, also makes them an optimal material for optical applications. Quartz glass tubes’ wide array of uses in sectors such as semiconductors, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric light sources, photo-communications, medical equipment, and scientific instruments underlines their versatility and superior performance.

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