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Quartz Round Glass for Industrial Sight Glasses

Quartz Round Glass, predominantly made from materials like JGS1, JGS2, and JGS3, is well-regarded for its affordability and robust characteristics. It can be conveniently toughened, augmenting the mechanical strength of the annealed glass by up to five times.

Round Quartz Sight Glass

Round Quartz Sight Glass

Quartz Boiler Sight Glass

Quartz Boiler Sight Glass

Surface Treatment
The surface treatment process applied to Quartz Round Glass includes a toughening procedure, substantially increasing its mechanical strength and making it more resilient and durable in various applications.

Quartz Round Glass, lauded for its affordability and potential for significant mechanical strength enhancement, is widely employed in numerous applications. It is particularly suitable in circumstances that demand durability and high-impact resistance. Its superior properties, including high thermal resistance, excellent electrical insulation, high transmissivity, and strong acid and water resistance, contribute to its versatile use.

Industrial Sight Glasses: Quartz round glass is often used in sight glasses for various industrial processes due to its robustness and transparency, allowing for visual inspection and process control.

Scientific Equipment: It’s commonly used in laboratory equipment, especially in high-temperature applications, due to its excellent thermal resistance. This includes laboratory glassware, high-temperature lamps, and UV-light equipment.

Optics: Quartz glass has excellent light transmission properties, especially in the UV spectrum, making it suitable for optical components like lenses, prisms, and windows.

Semiconductor Industry: Quartz glass is widely used in semiconductor fabrication processes due to its high purity, high heat resistance, and low thermal expansion.

Electronics: Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties, quartz glass is used in various electronic components.

These applications make the most of the unique properties of Quartz Round Glass. Its ability to be formed into different shapes and sizes adds to its versatility in use.

Technical Information

Transmissivity: Quartz Round Glass possesses excellent light transmissivity, ensuring clear visibility.
Temperature: Specific details regarding temperature resistance (including shock, softening, and working temperatures) have not been provided. However, given its wide use and toughening treatment, it can be inferred that Quartz Round Glass has a robust temperature resistance.
Bending Strength: The bending strength of Quartz Round Glass significantly increases after undergoing the toughening process.
Working Pressure: While specific details on working pressure are not provided, considering its toughening treatment and various applications, it can be concluded that Quartz Round Glass offers substantial pressure resistance.

Quartz Round Glass is economically feasible, resilient, and highly adaptable. The mechanical strength of this annealed glass can be substantially increased through toughening, providing enhanced durability. With our state-of-the-art facilities, including our water-jet cutting machine and CNC machining center, we are capable of producing Quartz Round Glass according to customer requirements, ensuring product flexibility and customer satisfaction.

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