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Soda Lime Round Glass According To German Standards DIN 8902

Soda Lime Glass is distinguished by its cost-effectiveness and versatility. It is the most frequently used type of glass due to its affordability. When toughened, its mechanical strength can be enhanced up to five times that of annealed glass.

Soda-lime Round Glass

Soda-lime Round Glass

Soda Lime Glass

Surface Treatment
Soda Lime Glass can undergo a toughening process to significantly increase its mechanical strength. This makes it more resistant to damage and extends its service life, further enhancing its usability and cost-effectiveness.

With its affordability and robust characteristics, Soda Lime Glass is used extensively in various applications, ranging from windows to containers, and more. It is especially suited for situations where high pressure and temperature resistance are not required.

Technical Information
Transmissivity: Soda Lime Glass boasts excellent light transmissivity, ensuring clear visibility.
Temperature: For compressive stress, Soda Lime Glass can withstand up to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.
Bending Strength: Its bending strength increases significantly after toughening, providing enhanced resilience.
Working Pressure: As per the provided information, specific working pressure details are not mentioned. However, given its use in various applications, it has a commendable pressure resistance.

The main advantages of Soda Lime Glass are its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and enhanced mechanical strength when toughened. Our manufacturing capabilities, including our water-jet cutting machine and CNC machining center, allow us to produce this glass in diameters between 3mm and 1500mm, and thicknesses up to 25mm, providing a wide range of options to suit different applications.

According to German Standards DIN 8902
Soda Lime Glass complies with the German DIN 8902 standards, ensuring its quality, safety, and reliability. This adherence to such high standards demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with high-quality products they can trust.

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