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Aluminum Silicon Round Glass or Aluminosilicate Glass Contains Aluminum Oxide

Characterized by its aluminum oxide content, Aluminum Silicon Round Glass, or Aluminosilicate Glass, stands out for its crystal clear clarity, strong chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, and impressive mechanical strength, combined with a low thermal expansion coefficient. Its defect-free surface treatment bolsters its resistance to chemicals, acids, alkalis, and high operating temperatures, thus enhancing its quality and usability.

Aluminum Silicon Round Glass

Aluminum Silicon Round Glass

Aluminum Silicon Round Gauge Glass

Given its significant attributes, Aluminum Silicon Round Glass is extensively used for manufacturing gauge glass and sight glass, serving various industries that require these elements for monitoring and controlling systems.

Technical Information
Transmissivity: Aluminum Silicon Round Glass features crystal clear transparency, allowing for excellent light transmissivity.
Temperature: This glass has an impressive high operating temperature tolerance of up to 600°C, showcasing its exceptional thermal shock resistance.
Bending Strength: It has commendable mechanical strength, which translates to high bending strength.

The Aluminum Silicon Round Glass is available in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit various applications. It comes in circular endoscopic sizes ranging from φ 10 mm to φ 800 mm. Specifically, the available sizes include φ 28 × 16, φ 31.6 × 12.7, φ 33.16 × 16, φ 34 × 17 (unit: mm). Additionally, non-standard sizes can also be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring flexibility for diverse industrial needs.

Aluminum Silicon Round Glass exhibits numerous advantages like chemical, acid, and alkali resistance, hydrolytic resistance, and a high temperature operating limit. It is available in a wide range of sizes, and non-standard thicknesses can be customized. Moreover, large orders qualify for special discounts, and various promotion campaigns are available to provide cost-effective solutions for consumers.

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