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Aluminosilicate Glass Rectangular Sight Glass,Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Sight Glass, composed primarily of aluminosilicate glass, combines the best of aluminum oxide and silicon properties. This glass is renowned for its crystal-clear transparency, impressive chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, robust mechanical strength, and low thermal expansion coefficient.

Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Glass

Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Glass

Aluminosilicate Rectangular Glass

Aluminosilicate Rectangular Glass

Surface Treatment
Our Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Sight Glass undergoes meticulous surface treatment processes, resulting in a flawless finish free of defects. This treatment enhances the glass’s chemical, acid, alkali, and hydrolytic resistance, enabling it to withstand high operating temperatures of up to 600°C.

Aluminosilicate glass is used widely in manufacturing sight glasses and gauge glasses. Its superior properties make it ideal for a variety of demanding applications, particularly in industries where high temperatures, mechanical stress, and chemical resistance are paramount.

Technical Information
Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Sight Glass, made of aluminosilicate glass, boasts unique technical properties ideal for various industrial environments. Tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs, we offer customization options, including non-standard glass thicknesses and gauge glass sizes. In addition, we cater to large orders and offer significant discounts for bulk purchases. This versatile product’s technical attributes encompass high transmissivity, superior temperature resistance, robust bending strength, and impressive working pressure, further enhancing its applicability and performance across diverse applications.

Aluminum Silicon Rectangular Sight Glass offers significant benefits, including excellent chemical stability, high thermal resistance, and customizable sizes. It is an economic and versatile option, providing a broad range of sizes and discounts for large orders. The exceptional quality of this product and its robustness make it a reliable choice for a multitude of industrial applications.

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