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AOHONG Company, a leading manufacturer of gauge glass, provides products and innovative solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Gauge glass is an essential tool employed across various sectors, including pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial, and electronics. The key attributes of gauge glass, such as its high working pressure and temperature thresholds, corrosion resistance, and environmental friendliness, allow for clear, uncontaminated liquid level visualization.

Primarily used in steam boilers, gauge glass plays an essential safety role in both industrial and commercial heating systems. Its role in maintaining optimal water levels is pivotal to ensuring safe boiler operations. Consisting of a transparent tube connected to the boiler at two points, it offers an accurate representation of the water level within the boiler. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, gauge glass allows operators to monitor liquid levels visually within a tank or boiler. Frequently used in conjunction with rod kits, it finds extensive applications within the chemical, petrochemical, and processing industries. Used alongside gauge cocks, it ensures the safe and precise monitoring of fluid levels by isolating the gauge chamber from the vessel’s liquid contents.

Beyond boilers, the utility of gauge glass extends to other equipment requiring liquid level observation within a vessel. This includes fuel tanks, chemical tanks, and a variety of other industrial vessels. In conclusion, gauge glass serves as a versatile, robust solution for safe and efficient liquid level monitoring across a wide array of industries.

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