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Sight Glass According to German Standard DIN 7081

The DIN 7081 standard is a German standard that outlines the specifications for sight glass in regular service. This standard specifies the properties and technical delivery conditions of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Here are a few key points related to DIN 7081:

Material: According to DIN 7081, the glass used in sight glass devices should be made of borosilicate, a type of glass known for its high resistance to heat and chemicals.

Temperature range: The DIN 7081 standard specifies that the borosilicate glass used should withstand a temperature range of 0 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. This makes it suitable for use in various industrial processes that operate within this temperature range.

Quality control and tests: The DIN 7081 standard outlines various tests that must be conducted to ensure the quality and safety of the sight glass. This includes tests for optical deviations, bubble inclusion limits, surface quality, etc.

Marking: The DIN 7081 also stipulates that each piece of glass must be permanently marked by the manufacturer, indicating that it complies with this standard.

Sizes and forms: This standard defines sizes and forms of the glasses which are widely accepted in the industry.

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