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Borosilicate Glass according to DIN 7080, Level Gauge Glass German Standard According to DIN 7080


The DIN 7080 standard is a German standard that sets the specifications for circular sight glasses in regular service. Like DIN 7081, DIN 7080 also specifies the properties and technical delivery conditions for these sight glass.

Here are some main points about the DIN 7080 standard:

Material: DIN 7080 specifies that sight glasses should be made from borosilicate glass. This type of glass is renowned for its excellent resistance to thermal and chemical stress, making it ideal for industrial applications.

Temperature Resistance: Just like DIN 7081, this standard also states that the borosilicate glass should be able to endure a temperature range from 0 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. This makes the sight glasses appropriate for a variety of industrial processes that operate within this range.

Quality Control and Testing: The DIN 7080 standard sets specific requirements for quality control tests. These tests ensure the glass’s resistance to pressure and thermal shock, its dimensions, surface quality, and permissible optical deviations, among other properties.

Marking: Each piece of glass produced according to this standard should bear a permanent marking from the manufacturer to signify its compliance with DIN 7080.

Shapes and Sizes: DIN 7080 provides specifications for the sizes and shapes of circular sight glasses, making it easier for industry professionals to understand and choose appropriate equipment.

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